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The LIS Suite has you covered. Improve your scheduling process today! 

Whether it’s long-term planning, daily planning or managing schedule changes,we have an add-on to make your process easier.

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Employee Engagement

Keep your workforce engaged, with seamless add-ons that allow employees to easily take action on their schedules - from anywhere, at any time. 

Maximize Productivity

Provide managers with the right tools to fill gaps and optimize their scheduling process. 

Secure and Compliant 

Simplified and automated compliance.  Adhere to labor, business, and confidentiality regulations. Avoid costly penalties and fines. 

All your Labor In-Sight questions, answered.

Do I need to purchase all of the applications in the LIS suite? 

No, the beauty of Labor IN-Sight is that we allow organizations to cherry-pick each app to fulfills their specific needs. Our pricing is built to accommodate organizations with requirements for only one or a variety of apps. 

Which Labor IN-Sight application is right for my organization? 

We provide multiple applications, designed to meet the unique needs of many organizations. To learn more about each option, speak with one of our specialists today. 

What industries does Labor In-Sight serve? 

The applications are designed to fit the needs of organizations across all industries.  We have solutions built specifically for healthcare, services & distribution, retail & hospitality, the public sector, and manufacturing, among others. Contact sales to learn more. 

What does it cost? 

There are pricing plans designed to meet each organization’s needs.  All of our plans are based on a simple PEPM (per employee per month) model. To learn more about the various options, and find a plan that fits your needs, contact a product expert. 

How can I have more information? 

You can book a 30 minutes call with one of our experts to discuss your needs. 

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