Labor IN-Sight for Kronos

A Suite of add-on to unlock your productivity

Employee Billboard

An Employee Collaboration Board to empower and engage communication among your employees

The Employee Billboard is a collaborative platform dedicated to your employees. It allows your employees to swap their shifts, sign-up for voluntary time-off, and/or find a colleague to cover their shift. 

What problem does it solve? 

Offer a collaborative tool to empower your employees into managing their schedule changes

Create rules to ensure your organization policies are reinforced 

Spend less time managing standard requests

Provide your employees with more scheduling flexibility

Features & Benefits 

Let your employee manage their schedule changes

If an employee can't work their assigned shift, let them find a replacement or swap their shift with an available and qualified employee via the Employee Billboard - reducing back and forth with managers. 

Optimize your coverage requirements

When a manger needs someone to work an open-shift, they can quickly offer that shift to the employees. The Billboard will ensure to offer the shift to employees who are available and qualified. 

Voluntary Time Off (VTO)

When occurring an over coverage situation with no possibilities to move your resources around, offering voluntary time off can be a solution. The employee can sign-up on the Employee Billboard to take unpaid time off without repercussions on the employment status. 

Tracking all requests efficiently

Managers can track all the requests through notifications and using a dashboard. The dashboard provides unique features such as proposing VTO awards, sorting employees by seniority and tracking employees request actions such as retracting a request. 

The Kronos integration  

The power of our integration with Kronos allows you to access your data in real-time. We wanted to make it as simple as possible by making each of our add-ons accessible in one click via a tile on your Kronos homepage.

Seamless integration

We bet you won't see the difference!

The development of our add-ons was done with you in mind. Our add-ons integrate quickly and easily to Kronos, you will be able to have a dedicated tile on your home page so that you can enjoy user-friendly navigation through each of our products.

Safe and secure at all time  

We've got your workforce data covered!

At Zaddons, data security is a top priority. All our team is making sure that our add-on leverage Kronos rigorous security protocol to ensure all your information stays safe.