Labor IN-Sight for Kronos

A Suite of add-on to unlock your productivity

Healthcare Schedule Report

The simplest way to visualize your schedule 

Configure and visualize your location schedule in seconds to produce an optimized, printable report that you can post in your employee room. 

What are your wins?

A printable version in few clicks 

Preconfigured schedule format

A schedule with coverage counts

Quick & Easy to integrate

Features & Benefits 

An impeccable printable version

Quickly generate a comprehensive schedule to be posted physically or shared electronically while fitting up to 4 weeks in a single sheet.

Personalize report

Within a few clicks, your manager or your scheduler can easily configure the standard column set, visible pay codes and open shift visibility. 

Keep all your information secure 

The schedule report will only allow your scheduler to generate a report for the locations and employees that you provide them access to. This way, you'll be able to reduce errors and improve the efficiency of your employees.

Exportable document  

Generate any report in PDF or Excel with just one click. 

The Kronos integration  

The power of our integration with Kronos allows you to access your data in real-time. We wanted to make it as simple as possible by making each of our add-ons accessible in one click via a tile on your Kronos homepage.

Seamless integration

We bet you won't see the difference!

The development of our add-ons was done with you in mind. Our add-ons integrate quickly and easily to Kronos, allow you to have a dedicated tile on your home page so that you can enjoy user-friendly navigation through each of our products.

Safe and secure at all time  

We've got your workforce data covered!

At Zaddons, data security is a top priority. Our team is making sure that our add-ons leverage Kronos' rigorous security protocol to ensure all your information stays safe.