Labor IN-Sight for Kronos

A Suite of add-on to unlock your productivity

Shift Bidding

Automatically fill your schedule with the qualified employees

Empower your organization and your employees with our Shift Bidding add-ons by allowing them to select their desired schedule based on your organization's rules. The shift bidding application can be used as a preferential or sequential bidding type. 

What are your wins?

Empower your employees

Automated bid awarding

Happy employee

Enforce organizational policies or union agreements.  

Features & Benefits 

Easily create shift positions

Use or modify existing schedule templates or the Labor IN-Sight Workplan Manager to create positions and define the number of available openings. Go live to selected groups of staff and have your employees bid on their preferred schedules! 

Bid on positions from anywhere 

Eligible employees can bid on open shifts they're interested in from anywhere via mobile or desktop. Managers or schedulers can track the process with our dashboard making sure they stay aware of all the actions.

Rules-Based selection  

Define your sorting sequence based on preferences, seniority, and more. The shift bidding will sort bids and award schedules to the eligible candidate. Then, as a Manager or Scheduler, you can either approve the bid manually or allow the shift bidding to do his magic by awarding schedules automatically based on your rules.

Auto-populate your schedules

Once a position has been assigned to an employee, it can be uploaded in just a few clicks to your schedule planner - no manual entry required! 

The Kronos integration

The power of our integration with Kronos allows you to access your data in real-time. We wanted to make it as simple as possible by making each of our add-ons accessible in one click via a tile on your Kronos homepage.

Seamless integration

We bet you won't see the difference!

The development of our add-ons was done with you in mind. Our add-ons integrate quickly and easily with Kronos, allow you to have a dedicated tile on your home page so that you can enjoy user-friendly navigation through each of our products. 

Safe and secure at all time  

We've got your workforce data covered

At Zaddons, data security is a top priority. Our team is making sure that our add-ons leverage Kronos' rigorous security protocol to ensure all your information stays safe.