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Vacation Bidding

Streamline your vacation bidding process without compromising your unions laws.

The Vacation Bidding allows you to manage your employees' vacation allocation equitably through two bidding process types: sequential or preferential. Let us help you automate this process with an easy-to-use tool. 

What are your wins?

Automation of annual vacation process

Include absence quotas to manage the thresholds

Controlling the request periods

Creating multiple bid rounds

Features and Benefits

Create your bidding periods

The vacation bidding flow starts by creating and configuring the bidding periods based on your defined rules and constraints. You can set up multiple bidding rounds for specific employees or locations by specifying the opening and the closing dates & times. 

Employee to pick their annual vacation easily

Employee will be notified when the bidding periods are open. Our automatic bidding process will pick the best employee choice in the request pool based on your organization rules. 

Automatic vacation award

The Vacation Bidding allows you to save time by automating the bid assignment. The process will grant vacation request, in addition, the requests within the bidding period can be granted based on your rules and updates your employee's profiles automatically. 

Enforce the organization policies or union agreements

At any moment during the process, we ensure the Vacation Bidding follows your organization policies and union agreements. 

The Kronos integration

The power of our integration with Kronos allows you to access your data in real-time. We want to make it as simple as possible by making each of our add-ons accessible in one click via a tile on your Kronos homepage. 

Seamless integration

We bet you won't see the difference!

The development of our add-ons was done with you in mind. Our add-ons integrate quickly and easily with Kronos, allow you to have a dedicated tile on your home page so you can enjoy a user-friendly navigation through each of our products. 

Safe and secure at all time

We've got your workforce data covered!

At Zaddons, data security is a top priority. Our team is making sure that our add-ons leverage Kronos' rigorous security protocol to ensure all your information stays safe.