Shift Bidding

Automate schedule bidding to fill schedules and positions.

Streamline schedule bidding process to assign works schedules efficiently.

Simple automated process

Create, open the auction and collect the results.

Employee bidding made simple

Bids on schedule from anywhere.


Maintain compliance and keep a streamline equitable process.


Increase your workforce efficiency, engagement and productivity.


Employees to bid on schedules to let them choose when they would like to work.


Managers can save time by automating the awarding and schedule updates.


Important cost saving on manual tasks, paper and manual input errors.


Shift bidding for your industry.


Give your staff the opportunity to change their schedules when the opportunity arrives.


Improve employee engagement and retention with streamline solutions.


Plan your staffing requirements with efficiency.

Public Sector

Compliance, transparence and equity are important key factors in our solutions.


Let the system manage and award schedules based on your employees seniority and  preferences.


Make sure your schedule template coverage requirements are met through a reliable bidding process.

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Vacation Bidding

Simple vacation awarding process allowing employees to bid from anywhere with their smartphones or any device.

Employee Billboard

A collaborative employee self-service app designed to empower and engage your workforce.

Schedule Viewer

View, optimize and print your posted schedules in few clicks.

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