Shift Bidding

Streamline planned open shifts with automated, rule-based awarding

Optimize operations by proactively filling open shifts through employee preference bidding

Achieve efficiency in your shift scheduling process

Looking to streamline and automate your shift allocation?

Enhance your employee’s autonomy and job satisfaction

Want to empower your workforce?

Seamlessly integrated and deeply embedded within your HRIS environment

Want secure and centralized data?


Increase your workforce efficiency, engagement and productivity


Empowers employees with scheduling autonomy, boosting job satisfaction


Ensure compliance with multiple CBAs and organizational rules automatically


Reduce manual tasks, save costs and allow managers to focus on value-adding activities


Shift Bidding for your industry.


Allows staff to expand their schedules by bidding on extra shifts that meet their needs, resulting in greater job satisfaction.


With a transparent shift bidding process, managers can improve workforce engagement and increase productivity and retention.

Public Sector

Ensure all essential services are fully staffed through shift bidding based on various rules, enhancing service reliability.


Allows warehouse and logistics staff to control their overtime shifts through bidding on on shift matching their preferences


Ensure that all organizational rules are followed in the shift allocation process, which will improve the reliability of services and the satisfaction of employees.

Retail & Hospitality

Implement impartial open shift allocation to ensure balanced distribution across the workforce, promoting fairness and operational efficiency.

Provide your employees with a fair, automated shift bidding process