Employee Billboard

Empower your workforce with a scheduling self-service app 

A collaborative platform that gives employees the flexibility to actively manage their schedules

Automate schedule change requests

Want to spend less time scheduling?

Empower and engage your workforce

Want to promote work/life balance?

Seamlessly integrated and deeply embedded within your HRIS environment

Want secure and centralized data?


Increase your workforce efficiency, engagement and productivity


Give your employees a secure, central collaborative platform to actively manage their schedules


Eliminate manual interventions through automated processes that ensure compliance


Significant savings in time, costs and resources allocated to the scheduling process


Employee Billboard for your industry.  


Keep your staff actively engaged by empowering them to manage their schedules. 


Give your staff a user-friendly collaboration application that allows them to sign-up for overtime or extra time off in just a few clicks.

Retail & Hospitality

Employees can connect from anywhere on mobile and be responsible for their schedule changes.

Public Sector

Ensure compliance with governing rules for uninterrupted, continuous service delivery.


Staff can pick open shifts or overtime to maximize productivity levels.


Allow your teams to enhance their schedules and maintain a high level of satisfaction.

Team Collaboration sparks productivity and is essential
to effective workforce management