Employee Billboard

A collaborative Employee Self-Service app 

Designed to empower employees and to engage them into being more productive.

Spend less time scheduling

Automate schedule change requests.

Workforce on the move with Mobile

Increase schedule accountability and streamline processes.

Standardize your processes

Increase scheduling compliance, gain transparency and reduce errors.


Increase your workforce efficiency, engagement and productivity.


Employees can actively manage their schedules.


Managers can reduce manual interventions and still be compliant.


Important cost saving on paper, manual input errors and lack of performance. 


Employee Billboard for your industry.  


Empower your staff by keeping them engaged and allowing them to manage their schedules.  


Give them a friendly user solution to allow them to sign-up for overtime or extra time-off with few clicks.

Retail & Hospitality

Let them connect from anywhere on mobile and be responsible for their schedule changes.

Public Sector

Ensure compliance by setting the stage to ensure continuous services.


Staff can pick open shifts or overtime to help keep the productivity levels.


Allow your teams to enhance their schedules and keep their high level of satisfaction.

Your employees dictate and expect you to embrace the new trends: team collaboration