Walking the walk.

Why tell you about our values when we can show you how we live them?

Only a real user can understand the daily hassles and frustrations that come with a bulky HRIS. Our team has over 20 years of experience between them as HRIS users, consultants, testers, and integrators, so when we say we have a user-first mindset – we mean it.

20+ years

of experience with HRIS systems

We aren’t in the business of twisty workarounds and short cuts, that's why we implemented our “100 Hours” philosophy: our commitment to complete 100 hours of user research and interviews per product to make sure we’ve pinpointed the pains and figured out the best way to solve them.

100 Hours


You’re committed to providing HR excellence, and we’re committed to supporting you on your mission. Our team is by your side around the clock to ensure our products are working for you.



We’re passionate about our products and want to watch them make a better world for HR. We’ve surrounded ourselves with experienced partners who have hundreds of integrations under their belt with exceptional customer ratings.

75+ integrators

& counting

Powering our teams to build powerful add-ons.

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