Vacation Bidding

A vacation bidding process without compromising your unions rules

Designed to manage your employees' vacation allocation equitably through a bidding process. 

Create your bidding periods 

Automate your annual vacation process. 

Automatic vacation award

Comply with your vacation rules without worry. 


The impact you will feel instantly on your workforce. 


Automate your annual vacation process fairly.


Include absence quotas to manage thresholds. 


The Vacation Bidding is easy to configure, use and maintain, and provides strong security and data protection.


Vacation Bidding for your industry.

Healthcare Sector

Empower your healthcare professionals with the right tool to manage your vacation bidding process.  

Manufacturing Sector

Vacation Bidding helps manufacturers drive employee engagement and increase employee satisfaction.

Retail & Hospitality

Provides the right tool to your store associates to manage your vacation process when it matters most.

Public Sector

Manage complex vacation processes better at any time and from anywhere.  


Optimize and empower your people schedule from anywhere with a complete, easy-to-use vacation bidding tool. 

Services Sectors

Keep employees engaged and productive with an easy-to-use vacation bidding solution.

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Start empowering your employees with the right way to manage your vacation process.