Call List

Find coverage for last-minute call-outs.

Manage your unplanned schedule changes 

Find coverage

Simplify the on-call process 

Track and update

Quick and simple steps : Generate, track and update. 

Audits and compliance

Audit and track assignments


The impact you will feel instantly on your workforce.


Managers can generate accurate contact list.


They can track responses, update employee’s availability and schedules in real-time.


Important cost saving on compliance issues, data capture and lack of reliable tracking system.  


The Call List for your industry. 


Track and find coverage when last-minute callouts are reported.

Public Sector

Find and assign reliefs with a compliant and transparent process.


Equity and reliable tracking tools to manage your schedule changes and engage your resources.

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Find other ways to improve your scheduling process.  

Vacation Bidding

Simple vacation awarding process allowing employees to bid from anywhere with their smartphones or any device.

Shift Bidding

Streamline your position and schedule award process to meet your coverage requirements.

Schedule Viewer

View, optimize and print your posted schedules in few clicks.

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