Workplan Manager

Effective rotation schedule management

Create and manage your schedule templates in a single, centralized interface

Simplify and streamline your schedule planning process

Need long-term schedule planning?

Optimize Schedule Management

Want to simplify schedule management?

Seamlessly integrated and deeply embedded within your HRIS environment

Want secure and centralized data?


Increase your workforce efficiency, engagement and productivity


Create, plan and manage assignments, people and workload coverage for long-term planning


Seamlessly push schedules to fill shiftlines with true position and ownership


Align schedules with staffing requirements


Workplan Manager for your industry


Empower your healthcare professionals with the right tools to manage schedule changes and requests.


Plan your long-term scheduling in advance and increase employee satisfaction.

Retail & Hospitality

Provide your store managers with the efficiency tools required to better manage schedule changes when it matters most.

Public Sector

Optimally manage complex schedule planning, at any time and from anywhere.


Empower your people to optimally create schedules for all work lines.


Keep employees engaged and productive with an easy-to-use schedule planning solution.

Optimally manage your assignments, people and workload coverage