Workplan Manager

Effective rotation schedule management.

Designed to manage the schedule templates in a single, centralized interface.

Schedule planning.

Simple process: create, assign and rollout.

Simple schedule management

Extensive position management.

Staffing coverage

Staffing to budget and remaining compliant.


The impact you will feel instantly on your workforce.


Create and plan your coverage requirements.


Manage shiftlines employee assignments.


Keep your schedules aligned with your staffing requirements.


Workplan Manager for your industry. 


Empower your healthcare professionals with the right tool to manage schedule changes and requests.


Workplan Manager helps manufacturers plan your long-term scheduling in advance and increase employee satisfaction.

Retail & Hospitality

Provides the right tool to your store manager to manage schedule changes better when it matters most.

Public Sector

Manage complex schedule planning better at any time and from anywhere.  


Optimize and empower your people schedule creation for all your work lines. 


Keep employees engaged and productive with an easy-to-use schedule planning solution.

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Find other ways to improve your scheduling process. 

Vacation Bidding

Streamline your vacation awarding process without compromising your unions laws. 

Shift Bidding

Automatically fill your schedule with qualified employees.

Schedule Viewer

Configure and visualize your location schedule in a few clicks. 

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