Empower productivity, reduce costs, and elevate your scheduling capabilities.
Yup, we have an add-on for that!

From daily to long-term planning or managing schedule changes, the Zaddons suite of HRIS extensions makes complex processes a breeze.

Employee Engagement

Keep your workforce happy and engaged with seamlessly integrated add-ons that empower employees to take control over their schedules – from anywhere, at any time.

Maximize Productivity

Give your managers a beeline to productivity with scheduling and bidding add-ons that optimize complex processes.

Secure and Compliant 

Avoid costly penalties and fines with automated compliance to labor and business regulations.

All your questions on Zaddons scheduling and bidding extensions answered

Of course not! You can cherry-pick the add-ons you require to fulfill your specific needs. Select as many add-ons required at any moment, with preferential pricing for multiple add-ons purchased in a bundle.

Adapted to meet the unique business and industry needs of many organizations, our wide-ranging add-ons deliver employee self-service, bidding and scheduling relief from complex challenges. Not sure where to start? We can help.

Yes, we do! All Zaddons extensions are expertly designed to meet the needs of organizations faced with complex scheduling and bidding challenges across all industries. From healthcare, government and public sector to hospitality, manufacturing and service and distribution, we have an add-on that’s right for you.

Unlike other add-ons that store sensitive data and provide only surface-level integration, Zaddons extensions are seamlessly integrated and deeply embedded within your HRIS environment. Benefit from centralized data storage and the ability to pull, transform and save your data directly within your HRIS platform, for unparallel security.

Selected as many add-ons required at any moment, with preferential pricing for multiple add-ons purchased in a bundle. All pricing options are based on a simple PEPM (per employee, per month) model. Discover the pricing plan that best suits your needs. Speak with a Zaddons scheduling expert.

Let’s book a 30-minute introductory call with one of our friendly scheduling experts to discuss your individual needs.

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