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We’ve partnered with world-class HR and Workforce Management solution and service providers to make scheduling better.

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It’s about the value

By merging forces, we combine our strengths and expertise to deliver a unified solution that customers love. Whether our power-boosting extensions optimize your HRIS platform or add a superior complementary offering to your service portfolio, Zaddons delivers lasting value. Period.

No one does deep-rooted integration like us

All our extensions are seamlessly embedded within your HR platform – with simple, hassle-free integration. Data is centralized, which means that users remain connected at all times. Zaddons is so deeply rooted, that we deliver a major competitive advantage for both you and your users.

We are hungry for growth

We won’t say anything corny like “win-win” or “mutually beneficial” because that’s not Zaddons. We are driven to take down every HRIS platform gap and make Zaddons the go-to workaround eraser. We invite you to join our journey as we hunger for world domination. It would be funny, if we weren’t serious.

You’ll love working with us!

Our team of HR, scheduling and bidding experts are on a mission to solve complex user challenges – replacing them with a joyously, intuitive experience. Our passionate people collaborate with your specialists, aligning our complementary expertise to deliver impactful results.

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