We do all the work,
you get the joy

Love your HRIS platform even more

As much as you love your HR solution, sometimes you wish it would do things… better. Our wide range of power-boosting extensions optimizes your scheduling function and delivers advanced functionalities for a seamless user experience.

Secure, centralized data in one place

Rid yourself of duplicate data, misplaced documents, and collaboration hassles. Zaddons extensions are embedded directly within your environment so that all data remains centralized within your space, seamlessly connected at all times.

Deep-rooted integration with automated compliance

All our extensions are seamlessly embedded within your HR platform – with simple, hassle-free integration. Zaddons is so seamlessly and deeply rooted within your environment that you’ll never know when you’re using it. Really!

Less complicated means more productive

Goodbye to workarounds with endless exporting, complex data manipulation, and ridiculously long processes! Zaddons extensions solve complex challenges with just a few clicks, always designed with you in mind for a more intuitive user experience.

Work happy using the HR platform of your choice

Zaddons extensions can be seamlessly embedded with all leading HR and workforce management platforms.

It’s not just an add-on. It’s Zaddons.

Experienced integration partners

We’ve partnered with world-leading integration and service providers to implement your Zaddons extensions successfully.

Automated security and compliance

Rest easy. Our extensions are designed to meet the most rigorous security and compliance requirements.

customer care

Our support team is on stand-by to ensure your work keeps flowing without any hiccups.

Custom solutions,
on demand

We go above and beyond to make your workflows better – even if it means building custom solutions just for you.