Zaddons Introduces "Fill Open Shift": The Latest Addition to its Suite of HRIS Extensions

We're excited to introduce Zaddons' latest addition to our HRIS extensions suite - "Fill Open Shift." This cutting-edge tool automates open shift assignments and optimizes allocation, enhancing efficiency and ensuring scheduling compliance. Experience the power of automation today.

Maude Poirier
Maude Poirier
Marketing Manager
August 31, 2023

Montreal, August 31st - Zaddons, a leading provider of integrated HRIS extensions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest product, "Fill Open Shift." This marks the eighth add-on in Zaddons' growing suite of innovative solutions designed to enhance HR and WFM processes. The introduction of "Fill Open Shift" directly responds to the overwhelming demand from customers, especially within the manufacturing industry, seeking a streamlined solution for managing open shifts.

Zaddons' solutions have been revolutionizing the way businesses approach complex HR processes. From bidding solutions to scheduling tools and employee self-service solutions, Zaddons is committed to making intricate tasks a seamless experience. The addition of "Fill Open Shift" further solidifies Zaddons' dedication to providing powerful tools for workforce optimization.

"Fill Open Shift" is an advanced tool that enhances efficiency through automated open shift assignments and optimizes allocation using configurable multi-step rule sets. Seamlessly integrated with the UKG Dimensions platform, "Fill Open Shift" streamlines the process, empowering organizations to maximize productivity and reduce costs. This add-on minimizes grievances, ensures compliance, and optimizes coverage by ensuring fairness and transparency in shift assignments.

Key benefits of "Fill Open Shift" include:
-Automated Efficiency: The extension optimizes open shift allocation with configurable multi-step rule sets and real-time schedule synchronization with UKG Dimensions.

-Equitable Scheduling: Managers can establish rule-based open shift assignments that prioritize fairness, considering criteria like overtime equity and seniority.

-Simplified Process: The automated process reduces manual tasks, allowing managers to focus on value-added activities.

-Ensure Coverage: Conduct additional rounds with different rules to ensure coverage for any remaining open shifts.

-Minimize grievances: The extension generates audit reports to track the rules for filling each shift assignment, enabling better tracking of scheduling changes.

"At Zaddons, our ongoing mission is to empower organizations with constant value. I am excited to introduce the launch of "Fill Open Shift", a product that has been requested by many of our UKG Dimensions customers." said Louis-Sebastien Laprise, Managing Director at Zaddons. "This new solution is another step forward in our goal to revolutionize HR processes."

"Fill Open Shift" is now available to organizations seeking to enhance their workforce management processes. You can visit our product page or book a demo with our team to learn more about it.

About Zaddons:

Zaddons is a leading provider of integrated HRIS extensions designed to simplify complex HR processes and enhance workforce management capabilities. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Zaddons empowers organizations to achieve higher productivity and engagement levels.