Zaddons and Axsium Group Announce Strategic Alliance to Enhance Workforce Efficiency

Discover how the strategic partnership between Zaddons and Axsium Group is set to revolutionize workforce optimization. Learn how their collaboration will empower organizations to enhance efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction across various industries

Maude Poirier
Maude Poirier
Marketing Manager
April 2, 2024

MONTREAL – April 2, 2024 - Zaddons, a Montreal-based integrated HRIS extensions company known for its innovations in WFM technology, and Axsium Group, a leading provider of workforce management consulting and implementation services, are proud to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration marks a significant moment for their customers, offering a comprehensive and effortless end-to-end workforce optimization journey.

Zaddons' suite of WFM solutions, featuring Employee Self-Service, Bidding Solutions, and Scheduling tools, will benefit from the application of Axsium's comprehensive workforce management consulting services and implementation expertise. This partnership will offer customers a holistic approach to optimizing their workforce management strategies, empowering them to achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

"We’re excited to kick off our partnership with Axsium, a pillar of expertise in workforce management. Their vast experience in implementing UKG across various industries speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence. Together, we’ve set out on a customer centric mission to reshape efficiency and productivity in workforce management," said Zaddons’ Managing Director Louis-Sebastien Laprise. “The future looks promising, and we can’t wait to set new industry benchmarks in delivering exceptional end to end experiences.”

"Axsium’s partnership with Zaddons represents an important step to bringing innovative solutions to our UKG clients in healthcare, the airline industry, and beyond,” says Axsium CEO Bob Clements. “This partnership opens up very exciting possibilities for our clients. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together."

Together, Zaddons and Axsium Group look forward to empowering organizations to optimize their operations, enhance employee satisfaction, and drive success. The future is bright, and they are thrilled to embark on this journey of innovation and collaboration.

About Zaddons
Founded and based in Montreal, Quebec, Zaddons is an integrated HRIS extensions company known for its innovations in WFM technology. Their suite, featuring Employee Self-Service, Bidding Solutions, and Scheduling tools, enhances HR platforms, offering a streamlined approach to complex processes. Zaddons builds value-based partnerships with industry-leading HR and WFM solution providers, ensuring seamless integration and consistently delivering value-driven solutions to optimize workforce management. Learn more at

About Axsium Group
Axsium Group is the Workforce Management partner of choice for organizations that want to realize the potential of their workforce. Axsium maximizes the impact of WFM solutions, increases the productivity of people, supports operations teams through every challenge they face, and empowers with leading WFM and labor products. Learn more at