Zaddons Announces $3.5 Million Investment to Boost Growth, Led by Crédit Mutuel Equity with Participation from FRAMEWORK

Zaddons, an innovative HR Tech company, secures $3.5M in funding from Crédit Mutuel Equity and FRAMEWORK to support rapid growth and strengthen its market position. Discover their ambitious vision and future plans.

Maude Poirier
Maude Poirier
Marketing Manager
June 13, 2024

MONTREAL, June 2024 - Zaddons, an innovative company in the human resources technology sector, announced today that it has successfully raised $3.5 million in funding. This financing round was led by Crédit Mutuel Equity, a leading private equity firm, with participation from FRAMEWORK, an investment fund specializing in emerging tech companies.

This investment supports Zaddons' ambitious vision to become a major player in the HR Tech sector, with raised funds primarily being used to support Zaddons' rapid growth and to strengthen its market position.

Following this announcement, Sébastien Massicotte, CEO of Zaddons, said: "We are delighted to welcome Crédit Mutuel Equity and FRAMEWORK as strategic partners on our growth journey. This investment marks a significant milestone for Zaddons and demonstrates the confidence our investors have in our vision and ability to execute."

Louis-Sébastien Laprise, President of Zaddons, added: "This funding will allow us to accelerate our commercial growth while maintaining our vision of transforming the human resources sector through our innovative extensions. We look forward to seizing the growth opportunities that lie ahead."

Ludovic André, representing Crédit Mutuel Equity, also commented: "We are confident in Zaddons' growth potential and are proud to support such a dynamic and innovative company. We look forward to collaborating with the management team to help Zaddons reach new heights."

Jean-Michel Texier from FRAMEWORK also expressed his support: "We are excited to support Zaddons in their growth journey. Their innovative approach to HR technology has immense potential, and we are convinced that this investment will help them achieve their ambitious vision."


About Zaddons

Founded and based in Montreal, Quebec, Zaddons is an integrated HRIS extensions company known for its innovations in WFM technology. Their suite, featuring Employee Self-Service, Bidding Solutions, and Scheduling tools, enhances HR platforms, offering a streamlined approach to complex processes. Zaddons builds value-based partnerships with industry-leading HR and WFM solution providers, ensuring seamless integration and consistently delivering value-driven solutions to optimize workforce management. Learn more at and follow Zaddons on LinkedIn.

About Crédit Mutuel Equity

Crédit Mutuel Equity encompasses all investment capital activities of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale: Development Capital, Transmission Capital, and Innovation Capital.

Crédit Mutuel Equity provides capital support to business leaders at all stages of their company's development—from startup to succession—by providing the means and time necessary to implement their transformation projects. Crédit Mutuel Equity brings together over 350 leaders who share their convictions and questions within a true network of entrepreneurs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their project's nature, benefits from the experience of others. By investing its own capital (€4 billion), Crédit Mutuel Equity finances business projects with timelines adapted to their development strategy, both in France and internationally in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada.


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